Touch O Katz Egyptian Maus

Silver, Smoke, Bronze


Touch O Katz Casea's Divinity (Devine)

Touch O Katz Delicasea (Casey) Is available, keeping back her youngest daughter to replace her in my breeding program, feel free to contact me if you are interested in Casey!

Touch O Katz


Touch O Katz Miz Mau


Touch O Katz Brielle has gone to live with Alison of De Katz Meow, we have two of her sons still with us, Kat Man Du & Bonsai as well as her daughter Assaria.

Touch O Katz Ice Crystal, she is nursing 5 kittens so I will update with better photos later.

Sahara  (with Memphis, her main fella)

Touch O Katz Beira  (out of the now retired Ice Maiden & Gauguin)