Touch O Katz Egyptian Maus

Silver, Smoke, Bronze

Raising Egyptian Maus for Over a Decade

Located in Hamilton, KS, we have the advantage of small town life at its best! Not only is it very quiet & tranquil, but there are no major city ordinances to contend with. We are licensed through the state of Kansas & all of our Maus are CFA registered. We have had the pleasure of breeding & showing Egyptian Maus for over 10 years constantly striving to produce the total package! We breed predominantly silver & smoke for the crisp clear coated contrast & I am a stickler for good head type!  The overall balance in our kittens is coming together nicely & I raise for sweet tempered, outgoing, affectionate (if somewhat clingy, lol) kittens who adjust immediately upon arriving to their new home.

We allow for pick up at 12 weeks of age, but do not ship under 14 weeks. We do offer international shipping.

Pricing for my kittens is as follows, however pricing may be adjusted according to cost of living increases as well as age & quality of individual cat or kitten.

Silver       Pet  $1,000    breeder/show  $1800 to $2000 each

 Pricing on Silvers will be changing due to a cost of living increase which we havent done in a couple of years as of the new year 2013 cost will be   Silver pet $1,000     breeder/show $1,800 each.  Preorders with a deposit can still get in at the old pricing.

Smoke     Pet  $700    breeder/show  $1400 

Bronze     Pet  $850   breeder/show  $1600