Touch O Katz Egyptian Maus

Silver, Smoke, Bronze

Touch O Katz Lexus ready to go now, 16 weeks (On Jan. 18th, 2018) $1275, Was spayed on Monday & had her rabies vaccination, had 3 sets of Nobi Vac 1, ready to go!  She is in the front on the next image, with her sister & brother. Is reserved, leaving later this month... 

Mercedes smoke female is gorgeous & ready to go! $800 pet price... would make an amazing asset to a breeding program for $1500. Hanging with her friends & her sister Lexus on her right. 

Rhett is gorgeous, has the most darling face, ready to go, $1000  Scheduled to be neutered 4/13/18, ready for his new family by Monday the 16th! 

Carson, brother to Rhett is a lovely big stretchy boy !  This boy is super outgoing, fearless, ready for anything & has gorgeous contrast to boot!  Only $1000 pet price & is also scheduled to be neutered on Friday, the 13th, ready to go Monday April 16th to his new home! 

The kids at play, Mercedes (the smoke girl) $800, Left to right, Rhett, Libby, Mercedes & Carson, Lexus. 

Lexus is stunning & pre spayed $1200, THe other 3 are available for $1000 each, contact now! 

Casea has a new litter of three! Photos available soon ! 

Touch O Katz Drago, brother to Thor, also born 3/5/2017 Lovely boy, stunning spots & pattern! Little heavy boned & blocky in type, a bit too much squaring of the muzzle but a stunning boy overall, $1200 as a pet or $2000 with breeding rights, either of these boys could go with one of the above female kittens as part of a breeder pair for $3500 or trio for $5,000. THis boy is a gorgeous adult & so ready to go as a stud! 

Touch O Katz Korina  $1000, a bit more shy, the runt, a lovely little silver out of Ice Crystal, sister to Kalara. She is a lovely young adult at nearly a year old & available for $2000 with full breeding rights.  Currently has 3 babies out of Scandalous!  

Mitsy   $2000 ... good proven queen, her mom has given me amazing big bold kittens & litters of up to 13 kittens at once!!!  She will be available after raising her current litter.

You can now use the paypal link!  I do prefer a phone call first to make sure we have all the details figured out 620)953-4266